Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome Back!

Hey y'all! I have been MIA for quite a while now but am working diligently to get back in the game! :)

Over the last year my family has been through it's toughest battle, but we are now over that "hump" and starting to better ourselves emotionally and mentally. Due to our extenuating circumstances my work, unfortunately, got the back burner. I thought I could handle it all and still keep up with the crazy amount of orders I had been getting, but by Christmas of last year I felt I had to close my shop down for a while not only so I could figure things out but get back on track.

On this blog I will post diy ideas, give aways, links, and new items for sale in my shop.

So stay tuned!

What's been going on this week:

I made these for my boys. They insisted on having keychains of their own so I made them their very own! I decided to put their names on the back so they can be attached to their book bags when they start school! I think they turned out super cute! I'm even thinking about putting them in my shop for sale! Thoughts??

While out in the yard photographing some of my work yesterday the farm critters decided to come help! I did get some pretty cool shots of the horses in the background. This is one of my favs!

Til next time! xo~Ashleigh

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